15 Hebrew Expressions You Have To Know Before Going To Israel

Sababa – Cool, chill, alright


Gadol – Literally means “big”
Slang for “awesome”


Balagan – Mess


Yalla! – Let’s Go!


Tachless – Bottom Line, speaking frankly


Achi – Bro

Gever – Man


Ezeh Gever! – What a guy!


Ke’iloo – …like


Yalla, Balagan! – Let’s get crayz!/ Let’s get LIT!


Magniv – Cool!


Chaval Al Hazman – Literally means “Waste of time”
Slang for “ Having the best time”


Stam – “Just kidding”, when at the end of a sentence.


Nu – “come on”, “hurry up”, “I’m waiting…”, “What’s the big deal?”


Al Ha Panim – Awful



To have Chutzpah – To have no shame.