Student Internship Opportunities

Hillel Ontario is looking to hire our next cohort of PAID interns who will work to build Jewish life on their campus. A great resume builder, we have a variety of internships available, each with a specific focus.

All internships include the following components:

  • Opportunity to develop relationships and connect students to Jewish Life and/or Israel
  • Ongoing professional development and leadership seminars
  • One-on-one supervision, guidance and mentorship from a Hillel professional

Read on for more details of each available position:

Israel Engaged Campus Internship

Do you love Israel? Do you love what you study? Are you looking for an opportunity to connect Israel with what you study?

The IEC internship focuses on linking Israel with your professional growth! As part of the internship, you will learn about innovation that has come out of Israel in your field of study and profession/career path. You will have the opportunity to engage with other students from your faculty about Israel and create on-campus initiatives that link Israel with your department. Travel and/or Professional Internship opportunities in your field in Israel may be available in the summer to IEC interns. (Available at Queen’s, Ryerson, Waterloo, Western & York)

Jewski Engagement Internship

Are you interested in helping grow the Russian-speaking Jewish community? The Jewski Engagement Internship program will give you the tools and skills needed to engage with your peers and develop your own initiatives which will better our community. You will hear from various guest speakers on topics such as leadership, Israel, and community development. Through this program, you will get to develop your leadership skills, learn about what it takes to plan and effectively execute events, develop peer networks, as well further develop your own Jewish identity. (Available at Ryerson, UofT, Waterloo, Western & York)

Administrative Internship

Administrative interns will help to ensure smooth operations for the campus. Responsibilities include: Staffing the reception desk, maintaining records of and ordering supplies, and data entry. These interns will gain a more “behind-the- scenes” look and are involved in aspects of the organization that are required for it to function successfully. (Available at Guelph, Queen’s, Ryerson, Waterloo, Western, York)

Israeli Hebrew Engagement Internship

Are you Israeli? Do you speak Hebrew? Be part of Hillel’s Internship!! The Israeli/Hebrew Internship focuses on connecting Israeli students to each other and to the larger Israeli community. As part of the Internship, you will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills, learn about community engagement, get a mentor and speak Hebrew!! (Available at Queen’s, Ryerson, Western & York)

Homecoming Internship

This internship is available to third or fourth year students formerly involved as leaders in Jewish youth movements, Jewish teen initiatives, Jewish summer camps (as LITs & CITs), supplementary or Jewish high schools. Homecoming interns will work to connect and reconnect with fellow alumni of their teen organization. Leadership skills will be further explored and cultivated through building community while pursuing personal and professional interests and passions. Homecoming interns will learn and refine their professional skills as a cohort, while receiving mentorship from Hillel professionals. (Available at Guelph & Western)

Media Internship

Do you have a knack for photography, creating graphics, or using social media? Through the Media Internship, you will be working closely with Hillel Ontario’s Marketing and Communications Team and will commit to learning, adhering to, and delivering on Hillel Ontario’s brand guidelines as an on-campus contact. You will receive training in areas of branding, marketing and graphic design to promote your events, increase turnout and boost the social media following of your Hillel!
(Available at Queen’s, Waterloo & UofT)

Business & Innovation Community Engagement Internship

Interested in Business & Innovation? Want to build a community of like-minded individuals? Be part of Hillel’s Internship!! The Business & Innovation Internship focuses on connecting students to each other and to the larger business and innovation community. As part of the Internship, you will have the opportunity to develop your leadership and event planning skills, learn about community engagement, and get a mentor (Available at York)

**If you are interested in a specific internship that is not being offered at your campus please contact your campus director.