We have the privilege of working with students across all of our campuses that inspire us with their leadership, passion and commitment to Jewish life.


Reut Cohen
University of Toronto

Leaving behind my high school of a few hundred students for the University of Toronto was definitely a huge transition. In high school, we were frequently warned that universities would treat us like just a number, a difficult allegation to counter at U of T, where some of my first year classes literally had over a thousand students.

In the couple of years that have passed since, my advice to incoming students has become: find a home. Better yet, find two. Every student needs a home on campus, not just somewhere to do homework and study, but also a place where they feel comfortable to speak freely and laugh out loud. I am fortunate that Hillel U of T has been such a place for me.

Whether through welcoming wide-eyed first years to the campus at our annual back to school barbecue, or engaging in rowdy discussions over Allen’s Table, I have come to rely on the Wolfond Centre as my home away from home. Hillel has allowed me to participate in incredible opportunities, such as attending the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America in Washington, D.C. last fall, and supported me in other endeavours, such as my work at the campus newspaper and my application to become a member of Hillel International’s Student Cabinet. There’s no question that Hillel has the power to have a remarkable impact on the lives of Jewish students. The choice is yours to step inside and settle in.