Meet The JSEs

This year at U of T we have completely reimagined and redesigned our leadership model. Gone is the hierarchical and rigid model of the old student board as it has been replaced by our new Jewish Social Entrepreneur (JSE) initiative. Based on our discovery process that we conducted last year, we thought we needed to make a more flexible, dynamic, customized and rewarding experience for students. With QUADRUPLE a number of leaders that we had last year, we have 45 Jewish student leaders across all 3 campuses. JSEs will receive extensive training, mentorship and support to create Jewish initiatives that they are personally passionate about and connected too. We are optimistic that this new model will not only empower more students to become active members in our campus community but it will allow for more diverse and representative programming on the ground. Whether it is pluralistic Jewish education, social justice work, community building, political advocacy or outreach and engagement with the broader University community, we can’t wait to see the kind of amazing events and engagement opportunities our JSEs will offer. As usual, we still want all students to feel free to stop by the Wolfond Centre at U of T to hang out, study, eat and meet great people.