High Holidays in Waterloo

Both Temple Shalom (Reform) and Beth Jacob Congregation (Modern Orthodox) as well as Chabad opens their doors to students for the high holidays, whether you want to go to services or be connected with a local family for a holiday meal. Information on service times will be listed on the organizations’ websites or you can contact Max Marmer for assistance with services, or to be connected for a holiday meal.


For more information please visit the following sites:

The Rohr Chabad Center for Jewish Life: http://www.shanatova.ca/

Contact: Rabbi Moshe Goldman – rmg@jewishwaterloo.com


Temple Shalom: http://www.templeshalom.ca/

Contact: Rabbi Lori Cohen – rabbilori@templeshalom.ca


Beth Jacob Congregation: https://www.bethjacobkw.ca/

Contact: Rabbi Nevo Zuckerman – rabbi@bethjacobkw.ca