Frosh week is by far one of the most memorable university experiences. The excitement that builds up during frosh week sets the stage for what the upcoming school year will bring. Here’s what students from across Ontario told us they learned during frosh week. 

Step outside your comfort zone

“I am happy I went to some frosh events even though I was nervous because it made me feel comfortable and like I’m at home here.” – Sophie, First Year

A big shoutout to all first years for stepping outside your comfort zone and participating in frosh week! Although going outside your comfort zone isn’t easy,  you will not only learn about yourself and your capabilities but you will also gain confidence when facing new situations.  

Meet new people and make friends

“I had an amazing time at Hillel’s welcome event. I loved how welcoming everyone is and loved being able to meet other Jewish students on campus.” Natalie, First Year

Frosh week helps students be part of a campus community.  It’s an opportunity to meet students not only in your program but from across the university.  Hillel is a great place to meet other Jewish students and make new friends.

Feeling excited about the start of classes

“When I first got on campus, I was pretty nervous. During orientation with my residence and faculty, they were all welcoming and made me feel at home. I am excited to start my program and learn lots of new stuff.– Zalman, First Year. 

Starting University is like going to a foreign country. You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, where things are located, the rules are different than what you’re used to and you feel a little lost and anxious. The academic orientation part of Frosh Week reassures you that everything will be okay and gets you excited to be in classes that you will actually enjoy, with professors who are experts in their field. 

Have school spirit!

“It’s very spirited and fun, there is a lot of positive energy and activities” Sarah, First Year 

Frosh week is filled with school spirit! Whether you are painting your face, dressing in school colours or cheering at events, everyone has high spirits around campus and you can feel the excitement all around you. 

Hillel is the place to be 

“Hillel is the place to be for frosh week! With their welcome lunch and smiling faces, I always make sure to go to Hillel events at the start of the year to find my home away from home.” Ilana, Fourth Year

At Hillel, the fun doesn’t end at frosh week. Hillel has tons happening every week; bagel lunches, kosher barbecues, and more. Stay tuned for fun Hillel events will be having during the year!

We hope everyone had a great time at frosh week and we wish you luck in the year ahead! Check out our recap video of students across Ontario joining us on campus for our frosh events!

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