With Purim just a few days away, Hillel Ontario has created three different videos to help you get prepared. Learn how to make hamantashens and to create a Purim mask and grogger! 

Hamantashens with Hillel 


You can’t celebrate Purim without hamantaschens! We used chocolate chips and raspberry jam as fillings,, but there are so many other delicious fillings you can try. What are your favourite fillings?

What you’ll need:

3 eggs

1 cup oil

1 cup sugar

2 tps. baking powder 

½ cup water

½ cup orange juice

⅛ tsp salt

4 cups flour (approximate)

DIY Purim Mask

Need a last minute Purim costume? Get crafty and make your own Purim mask! 

What you’ll need:





Wooden Stick

Bristol board 

Construction paper

DIY Purim Grogger 

You can’t read the story of Purim without a grogger to shake every time Haman’s name is said! 

What you’ll need:


Toilet paper 


Beads (or rice)


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