Message From Dan Hadad

Fellow Hillel Staff,

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to meet most of you, I want to reiterate how excited and honoured I am to be part of the Hillel Ontario family.

You all know me as the Interim Director of York Hillel, but this message relates to my other role you might not be aware of, as Innovation Consultant. With this hat on, I have been tasked to work with Jaime to infuse innovation, and innovative strategy, into Hillel Ontario. Together, we have decided that the place to start is with all of YOU. Indeed, one of Hillel Ontario’s strategic objectives is to focus on its Talent. This is not just about compensation, training, and development but also about how we create and build an employee-centric workplace. Marc has said many times that he wants us to win the “great place to work award” and it is my hope in the next few weeks that we are going to start working through a process that will ultimately help us define precisely what that means, develop concepts/ideas and create an execution plan to get us there. How we achieve this involves all of us (#nohillelstaffleftbehind)

I will summarize the process by using ABCD

1. First, we will figure out where we Are
2. The findings from Step 1 and some fun activities will help us figure out where we want to Be
3. We will then work on what we need to Create to get us there
4. And the most important thing, what we need to do to Deliver

To get things started, the way we figure out where we Are (stage 1) is through a one on one interview with each of you. This is called the Discovery phase. Of course, all interviews will be kept private and confidential and findings will be shared in the aggregate and be unattributable. The idea here is to get a sense of what we are doing well, where we can do better and what we are perhaps missing.

I can discuss the process with you in more detail if you wish during our call but I assure you that it’s a fun process. I’ve facilitated this, and still do, with for-profit companies such as Desjardins Bank, Absolut, Nike etc. We will be in this Discovery Phase from now until the end of the year and will embark on phase two during our time together on our PD overnight in February.

I have included a Doodle link for you to sign up for your one hour interview. Please do so ASAP. This interview can be over the phone, zoom, skype or in person. I prefer in person so, for any out of towners, if you are heading to Toronto, let me know and we’ll figure out a time to meet when you are here.

Feel free to be in touch with either me or Jaime with any questions.
Excited to get started!