18 Rosh HaShanah Resolutions

We all make them and most of us don’t keep them! Here is a list of our favourite resolutions that we challenge you to keep this year. We’ve even added some extra resolutions to see how far you’ll go!


Be a better you:
Work out more frequently
– Eat healthy food
– Call your mom more often
Teach your grandparents how to use Facebook, so you can stay in touch with them
– Study harder
Get involved with Hillel!

Improve your quality of life:
– Find a new hobby
Learn a new language
– Work hard, play harder
– Secure yourself an amazing internship for next summer
– Go on a free trip to Israel with your friends, either on December 24th, or 27th 2017 at www.israelforfree.com
Get involved with Hillel!

Be Extra:
Improve your Instagram skills
Try all the new Starbucks drinks
Learn how to communicate only using Emojis
Have the highest Snapchat score from your contact list
– Break the Internet Kim Kardashian style
Get involved with Hillel!

Add your own resolution:
Did we forget anything? Share your resolutions with us!