Jewish Life at Waterloo

Interfaith Shabbat

Interfaith Shabbat

Written by Jordan Geist, Head of Operations for Hillel Laurier/Waterloo.

Hi, my name is Jordan. I am a fourth year management engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Hillel Shabbat dinners have a special place in my heart as they provided me with my first introduction to Waterloo’s Jewish community. Over the past four years, I have met my best friends and became a leader within the community through these dinners. To continuously support the thriving Jewish community, I have made it a point to attend Shabbat dinner every week, welcoming the opportunity to socialize and unwind after a busy week.

However, as one of the only Jewish students in my program, none of my non-Jewish friends have been able to understand why I am regularly unavailable on Friday evenings since I invariably forego engineering events, study groups, and parties to attend Shabbat. Which is why I was so excited to invite my engineering community to Hillel’s interfaith Shabbat last week.

Every year, as part of Holocaust education week, Hillel hosts a highly anticipated interfaith Shabbat that is open to the broader community at the Universities of Waterloo and Laurier. This Shabbat became one of the most memorable in my time at school, thirteen friends of all different faiths and nationalities come share a Shabbat dinner with my Jewish community. It was so meaningful to have the opportunity to share my culture with my friends and have them understand what I do every Friday night. I am looking forward to more interfaith events where I have the opportunity to share my Jewish culture with the broader campus community.

Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Written By: Cora Miller 

Hi! I’m Cora, the Program Director at Hillel Waterloo. I just moved to town a few weeks ago and am really enjoying the beauty of the Waterloo region. I am not only new to this role, but also new to Canada, as I’ve only lived here for a year. I grew up just outside of Seattle, WA but decided Canada is the place to be after getting an MA in History at the University of Toronto. My research focused on the Holocaust in Lithuania and the emotional entanglements of the Jewish police and others in the Kovno ghetto. I am excited to continue working in a Jewish and university setting where the exchange of ideas, beliefs, and interpretations will be rich and fulfilling.

Some exciting events we have for the year are our bi-weekly Coffee Schmoozes, the annual Bar Mitzvah Bash, and monthly Shabbat dinners. Our Shabbat dinners are a great way to round out a long week, especially when you can’t get home to be with family. Hillel is not only around for social events though. We can help you get to Israel as well as provide assistance in finding religious services and programs over the High Holidays.

Hillel will buy you coffee! I know I never miss an opportunity for free caffeine. I’m on campus constantly so if you’re looking for a study buddy, some chit chat, or just a hello, come find me! I am easily available by text, call and email, and you can even facebook me if that’s convenient. Looking forward to meeting you and good luck on your return to campus!