My friends,

I came to be a Jewish community professional later in life. As a business leader, and entrepreneur, running a Hillel was never a part of my plan. But as our children became involved in Jewish campus life, their experiences sparked a passion in me that led me down one of the most rewarding paths I could have ever imagined.

Since joining Hillel in 2013, we have transformed into the largest Hillel in the world, a leader in the global movement, and an organization that serves and supports more than 14,000 Jewish students at 9 universities across the province.

During this time, we’ve seen dramatic growth in the breadth and depth of our student engagement. We have invested in innovative learning fellowships that educate students about historic and contemporary issues in Judaism, and about Israel, and have radically transformed campus advocacy by building the infrastructure necessary to support students, and to counter antisemitism. We’ve also made it an organizational priority to invest in people, fostering a workplace that attracts the most talented professionals in the field. It is this team that drives our efforts.

All that said, the time has come for the organization to take the next step in its evolutionary journey. And so, it is with a tremendous amount of pride for what we have accomplished – and truly mixed emotions – that I’ve decided that it’s time for me to step down, and for the organization to identify its next leader before I move on at the end of June.

Serving as Hillel Ontario’s CEO has been the honour of a lifetime. Though it will be very hard to say goodbye after so many years, I take comfort in knowing that I have made my mark on this incredible organization. Equally, as I look back over the past decade, I am reminded of the enormous mark our team has made on me, and on the students we so proudly serve.

Together we have created a strong, resilient, and adaptable organization that is poised to play an even more significant role in enriching the lives of Jewish students in the years ahead.

That is why it fills me with such pride to announce the launch of Make Your Marc, a campaign designed to raise essential funds to attract, support and retain our campus professionals; without whom we could not successfully carry out our mission.

Together, with your help, we will ensure that Hillel Ontario goes from strength to strength in the months and years ahead.

I’ve made my mark, and I’m asking you to make yours.

With my heartfelt appreciation to everyone for your support,