Channukah Gift Ideas

Channukah is fast approaching! With the early start to the holiday this year, it’s no surprise we’re behind on our gift buying. Whether it be for Mystery Maccabee or a family gift exchange, check out our list of gift ideas that aren’t just a dreidel or gelt.


1. Out of Sync tickets!

Only during Channukah can you buy discounted tickets to see your friends own the stage and see Netta’s first ever Canadian performance! Not only is it the perfect last minute gift that you don’t have to go out and get, but you’ll be supporting Hillel campuses with your ticket! Save more than 25% on General and VIP Tickets, and bring your parents and siblings for a limited time offer worth more than 50% off! Get your tickets this week folks!


2. Personalized Gifts

Personalization is the perfect touch to an otherwise generic gift and is guaranteed to make the receiver feel special. The options for personalization are endless, you can get anything from Channukah-themed baby clothes to insulated wine cups


3. Themed Drinkware

Dress up a bottle of wine with this Menorah wine bag or get some Channukah-themed drinkware for the wine-lover in your life, or a mug if they’re a coffee drinker.


4. DIY gifs

If you have time to put one together, handmade or DIY gifts are almost always the most meaningful. There are plenty of DIY menorahs, or you can even take some inspiration from handmade cards and add a personalized message.


5. Edible Gifts

Edible gifts that include a DIY option, like this Channukah House, are the perfect gift for the kid who has too many toys or someone who likes the reward of creating something edible. You can also create your own edible gift, like these edible DIY dreidels, or even a fresh plate of latkes!