Winter Semester Wrap Up

Winter Semester Wrap Up

Written By: Noam Kamm

Winter Semester at Guelph Hillel was filled with great events and even better company!  Though none of us could have expected to be separated so soon, we can still look back at the memorable experiences we shared, and look forward to even more exciting ones in the upcoming weeks, as we navigate a vast virtual platform from the comfort of our homes.

We kicked off the semester practicing for our biggest performance yet: OUT OF SYNC 2020 
In efforts to fundraise, we had our annual Coffee House filled with unbelievably talented students and big prizes like Leaf’s tickets and custom art pieces!

We celebrated Tu B’Shvat by making our very own terrariums!

We explored our own family’s history and learned about each other’s for Jewish Heritage Week.

Our Exec team painted tiles for the Hillel House, interpreting what Hillel means to each of us through art.

Finally, we brought Layla Lavan to Guelph! A night dedicated to celebrating Israeli art and culture by displaying various works from different Israeli artists and listening to Israel’s top hits!

Our semester is NOT done yet! Stay tuned for exciting events on the video-platform Zoom such as Book Club, Homework Hangout, Netflix Part, Hillel Happy Hour, and more!!

Guelph Coffee House 2019!

Guelph Coffee House 2019!

Written by: Noam Kamm

Last week we had our first Coffee House of the year at the Hillel House! Coffee House is a classic Guelph Hillel event; an evening filled with talented performers, auctions and baked goods (all by our very own students)! It’s a fun night of fun and is successful every year. This year, Coffee House is our kick-off to Out of Sync, Hillel’s annual fundraiser. Students can auction off rides, tutoring, handmade drawings, Hebrew lessons, etc. All the money raised from Coffee House and from our fundraiser for Out of Sync goes towards all the programming we love so much, like weekly Bagel Lunch, Friday night dinners, Pizza in the Hut, First Year Sushi Dinners, and so much more, including nights like this! Want to see more from the performances? Check out our Instagram story highlights!

Stay tuned for more about our Out of Sync fundraiser!

Big Fish Little FYSH

Big Fish Little FYSH

Hello! Our names are Hannah Finkelstein and Jess Pink and we are the VPs of Engagement for Guelph Hillel. Throughout the school year, we get to meet tons of new friends and welcome them to our Hillel family. For any event that we have, our number one goal is to make sure every student feels comfortable walking into the room. We reach out to students, have coffee, and introduce people to one another. We often make a meeting time on campus so students can walk together as a group to the event. Our main priority at the beginning of the year is to engage first year students and integrate them into Hillel and general Guelph life.

First year students have the chance to sign up for the Big Fish Little FYSH (First Year Student at Hillel) Peer Mentorship Program. This allows first years to meet older students that are part of our Hillel community and from their academic program. Big Fish help guide their buddy through course selection, killer Chem, and those tough assignments. Throughout the year, and even after, the Little Fysh and Big Fish meet and keep in touch. All the Big Fish and Little Fysh get competitive on who is the best pair!

This year, we kicked off our semester with some funny ice breakers. Teams had to blindly eat pretzels off of string and shave balloons covered in shaving cream. It was really funny and everyone got to know each other in a comfortable environment. Bonds were created that continue to flourish throughout the year.

After the Big Fish Little Fysh event, we had our Welcome Back Mixer. By having our first year event prior to the big party, we were able to encourage more first year students to come, making it feel less intimidating walking into the room. Now these new students feel at home as they have met so many friendly faces. It was so amazing to see first years interacting with upper year students, which is typical of our community.

Throughout the night, so many introductions and friendships were formed – people finding connections every which way. We are so excited for all the upcoming events this year and we hope to meet even more friendly faces!

Jessica & Hannah