A Letter to Holocaust Survivors

To mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Hillel Ontario is sharing a Letter to Survivors: A Declaration of Remembrance that was started this past November on our 9 university campuses. The idea behind this amazing project was to add an interactive, accessible and action-oriented component to Holocaust Education Week. At events and programs on all of our campuses across the province, participants were encouraged to join this movement, using it as an opportunity to reflect on the week’s experiences at interactive exhibits, survivor testimonies, and multi-faith Shabbat dinners. It was also a way for those who were unable to be on campus to still participate in Holocaust Education Week.

Hillel Ontario has collated all of the comments which are now reflected in this Letter to Survivors, published today in conjunction with the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Holocaust survivors will now hear and read about how meaningful their stories are, and realize the impact that their history has on the current and future generations of our community.

If you are connected in any way with a Holocaust survivor, please share this video with them. Let them know that on this day in particular, and on every day you pledge to remember their testimony and speak out against injustice.

Never Again.