New Year, New Me: Our Resolutions for 5780

Shanah Tovah! We hope your Rosh Hashanah was surrounded by friends and family, and lots of delicious apples and honey! As we enter 5780, staff and students across Hillel Ontario took the time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the new year.


“Our resolution for 5780 is to interact with the larger Queen’s community more effectively and frequently. We want to champion each others success and collaborate on finding ways to engage students attending our university. Meeting students where they are is at the core of our vision for this year.” Queen’s Hillel 


“As the underdogs, the Waterloo and Laurier team are looking to blow everyone out of the water for Out of Sync this year. Our Rosh Hashanah resolution is to WIN! Our two incredible team leads, Eden and Marni, are super excited to work with the amazing talent we have on campus and are in the middle of creating a meaningful and fun show. Latin America, here we come!” Hillel Waterloo and Hillel Laurier 


“Western Hillel will commit to helping students develop, strengthen, and express pride in their Jewish Identity. Our resolution is to enhance Jewish campus life by empowering student leaders and others to address the needs of their peers through relevant social, educational, Israel, and social-justice experiences.”Western Hillel


“Take more study breaks (especially if there’s leftover lunch at Hillel!)” Hillel UofT


“At McMaster Hillel we have so many goals and resolutions but one that we are committed to is to give our community the tools to learn to practice Shabbat in a way that is relevant to them and in a way that fits in their lives.  Little things that one can do to disconnect from the week, practice self care, connect with community or learn something new is so important and it is our hope that we can model that and put those values into action.”McMaster Hillel 


“We are hoping that this new year we create a community that sees Judaism as a vibrant part of our lives, affecting the way we interact with others, and the world. We hope to continuously improve our engagement with the diverse student body we have at Guelph and ensure that Guelph Hillel is an inclusive and safe space for all students. Our hope is to always be seen as a meaningful, welcoming community by all. Oh, and win out of sync of course” Guelph Hillel 


“The start of this school year has been so great! We hope that for the rest of the school year the lounge stays busy and full of positive energy, for new members to join Hillel York, for students to feel ownership of their Jewish experience at York University, and for Hillel York to win Out of Sync 2020!” Hillel York


“Whether you’re in 1st or 4th year, from out of town, uptown, or live just down the street – our resolution is to support students in building a vibrant and diverse Jewish community on campus! Every student has the potential to contribute, and we are here to help you find your place. Please come to the loft and introduce yourself, we’d love to take you for coffee!” Hillel Ryerson


We can’t wait to see each campus fulfill their resolutions! What are your New Year’s resolutions? We are greatly looking forward to the sweet year ahead of us. Shanah Tovah U’Metukah!