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Written By: Cora Miller 

Hi! I’m Cora, the Program Director at Hillel Waterloo. I just moved to town a few weeks ago and am really enjoying the beauty of the Waterloo region. I am not only new to this role, but also new to Canada, as I’ve only lived here for a year. I grew up just outside of Seattle, WA but decided Canada is the place to be after getting an MA in History at the University of Toronto. My research focused on the Holocaust in Lithuania and the emotional entanglements of the Jewish police and others in the Kovno ghetto. I am excited to continue working in a Jewish and university setting where the exchange of ideas, beliefs, and interpretations will be rich and fulfilling.

Some exciting events we have for the year are our bi-weekly Coffee Schmoozes, the annual Bar Mitzvah Bash, and monthly Shabbat dinners. Our Shabbat dinners are a great way to round out a long week, especially when you can’t get home to be with family. Hillel is not only around for social events though. We can help you get to Israel as well as provide assistance in finding religious services and programs over the High Holidays.

Hillel will buy you coffee! I know I never miss an opportunity for free caffeine. I’m on campus constantly so if you’re looking for a study buddy, some chit chat, or just a hello, come find me! I am easily available by text, call and email, and you can even facebook me if that’s convenient. Looking forward to meeting you and good luck on your return to campus!



Collaboration Breeds Diversity and Inclusion

Collaboration Breeds Diversity and Inclusion

Collaborating with other student organizations allows us to diversify the students at our events, build coalitions, establish good rapport with other student groups and broaden the topics of the content that we deliver. 

This past month, we had the privilege of working with the Waterloo and Laurier chapters of Menstruation Redefined, which is committed to helping with the “institutional and social barriers surrounding menstruation that risk the health, well-being, and daily lives of many.” This mission resonated with us at Hillel because we understand the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion for all. These are values that we hold as Jews, and want to embody at Hillel. 

We joined forces to produce a fun evening of trivia and learning. The event allowed us to reach new students, educate others on Jewish practice for those who menstruate, and learn more about Menstruation Redefined’s mission. Collaborative events like this allow us to understand key issues and causes that other student-run campus groups advocate for and to build strong allyships and ensure that we propel Hillel’s values forward, such as inclusion and equity.

Jessica Bloom, HIllel Waterloo Student President
Veronica Grad, Hillel Laurier Student President

Out of Sync Promo Video

Out of Sync Promo Video

How are you getting ready for Out of Sync? Check out this amazing video made by Hillel Waterloo and Hillel Laurier students Ilan Eklove, Ori Mezuman and Edan Cohen. We are so excited for the show! Head over to our website now to claim your tickets, you don’t want to miss it!