Wellness Week in Waterloo

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At Hillel, we care about each other’s well being. We feel it is vital for us to include mental health and wellness in our support within our community. And so, two weeks ago, Hillels Waterloo and Laurier planned an entire week focused on students’ mental health and wellness. We based the week around the 5 Pillars of Wellness which are Emotional Wellness, Mental Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Social Wellness, and Physical Wellness. Each of our events had a purpose in fulfilling and educating students on how to include these pillars in their lives.

Before reading week, it can be particularly hard for students to remember to take breaks from the pressures of midterm season. We know how important it is for students to balance their schoolwork while remembering to take time for themselves. 

Wellness Week was packed. On Monday, the first day, we hosted a Colouring and Crafting event in the Waterloo Arts Quad where students coloured, and made bracelets and keychains. Despite the light rain, we had a great turnout. On Tuesday, we had our Shal:OM workout in Waterloo Park to get some physical activity. Wednesday was our biggest event of the week: Coffee Schmooze! Students came out to Laurier’s Alumni Field for coffee, snacks and games. It was a well-deserved break and a ton of fun. On the fourth day, Hillel ran two simultaneous study sessions; one at Laurier’s Alumni Field and another at Waterloo’s Science Teaching Complex. This was a great opportunity for students to surround themselves with peers and still feel productive.

Finally, on Friday, we celebrated reaching our well-deserved break: reading week. After a hard week of midterms, assignments and classes, we came together for a beautiful walk in Waterloo Park before we all took off to our respective homes for the week off. The trees filled with the fall colours, students sighed with relief and exhaustion as they reflected on their week. At the park we visited the llamas and peacocks – and this connection with nature was so needed.

Overall, this week was a huge success. Our students executive team is proud of all we accomplished for our community and are overjoyed with the feedback we have received from students. We are looking forward to hosting future wellness weeks.

Thank you,

Anna Muller and Jori Reiken
Student Leaders of Wellness Week

Out of Sync Promo Video

Out of Sync Promo Video

How are you getting ready for Out of Sync? Check out this amazing video made by Hillel Waterloo and Hillel Laurier students Ilan Eklove, Ori Mezuman and Edan Cohen. We are so excited for the show! Head over to our website now to claim your tickets, you don’t want to miss it!

Interfaith Shabbat

Interfaith Shabbat

Written by Jordan Geist, Head of Operations for Hillel Laurier/Waterloo.

Hi, my name is Jordan. I am a fourth year management engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Hillel Shabbat dinners have a special place in my heart as they provided me with my first introduction to Waterloo’s Jewish community. Over the past four years, I have met my best friends and became a leader within the community through these dinners. To continuously support the thriving Jewish community, I have made it a point to attend Shabbat dinner every week, welcoming the opportunity to socialize and unwind after a busy week.

However, as one of the only Jewish students in my program, none of my non-Jewish friends have been able to understand why I am regularly unavailable on Friday evenings since I invariably forego engineering events, study groups, and parties to attend Shabbat. Which is why I was so excited to invite my engineering community to Hillel’s interfaith Shabbat last week.

Every year, as part of Holocaust education week, Hillel hosts a highly anticipated interfaith Shabbat that is open to the broader community at the Universities of Waterloo and Laurier. This Shabbat became one of the most memorable in my time at school, thirteen friends of all different faiths and nationalities come share a Shabbat dinner with my Jewish community. It was so meaningful to have the opportunity to share my culture with my friends and have them understand what I do every Friday night. I am looking forward to more interfaith events where I have the opportunity to share my Jewish culture with the broader campus community.