Why We Love Israel In The Winter

Our students often say that they prefer going on Birthright in the summer over the winter so that they can extend their trips. However, lots of trip leaders will tell you that winter trips are just so much more fun! Your Hillel Ontario staff agrees with that! Here are seven good reasons why you should definitely consider going on a winter trip this year!


A few years ago I joined a Birthright trip as part of the Mifgash. That winter, I had the most amazing time, experiencing all the possible weather conditions you can imagine – it was like having summer, winter, fall, and spring in only one week! The weather ranged from hot and sunny, to rainy and windy, all the way to freezing snow.

Where else can you experience something like that?


Winter is the perfect time to experience the burst of colors of Israel’s nature.


I love winters in Israel! Israelis are so much nicer in the winter when the temperatures are normal – some might even be polite! Just don’t  expect them to stand in lines 😉


Have you ever partied for Sylvester in Israel?

Why do I love Israeli winters? It’s the perfect weather to go diving and kite surfing in Eilat. The water temperature never goes below 21 degrees – every divers dream!

Why should you go? Winter trips provide participants the opportunity for more intimate and interesting ways to get to know Israel. No lines at attractions and higher chances for unique experiences.


I love Israeli winters because that’s the time when you can actually enjoy browsing through the Shuk without sweating.


I think being in Israel is enough reason to go on Birthright this winter, but if you really want me to give you a reason then here you go: What sounds better than having a snowball fight with your Birthright bus and Mifgash in the Golan Heights? I personally can’t think of much….