Written by Shelby Mawson, Gila Cotler & Nevo Schpire, Guelph Hillel Staff

The atmosphere here at Guelph Hillel is one of excitement and anticipation. Both staff and students can feel it and we are all looking forward to the upcoming school year. One of the many reasons for so much joy is just how much we have grown over the years. We have now reached the point where, for the first time ever, a new staff position has been introduced at Guelph Hillel. We are excited to introduce Shelby Mawson as the first ever Program Coordinator for Guelph Hillel. Shelby is an innovative, passionate professional whose eagerness for engagement has already inspired a number of initiatives that we look forward to implementing. In addition, we are incredibly excited to introduce Nevo Schpire as the new Israel fellow for both Guelph and McMaster. A dedicated, hard-working team member, Nevo brings a love for establishing dialogue with students along with a host of fresh ideas that benefit everyone.

With the incredible leadership of our Co-presidents of Guelph Hillel, Riley Noik and Marissa Kachuck, we held our training for Guelph Hillel Executive members this past Tuesday, August 28th, 2018. Between the moments of sharing our summer stories and reminiscing, we had the wonderful opportunity to delve deeply into what it was that Hillel meant for everybody there. We discussed the past, present, but most importantly, the future of Guelph Hillel. The obligations and commitments of Executive members were made completely clear, as was the enduring commitment Hillel had for Executive members and all Jewish students. We engaged in team building exercises as well as brainstorming ideas for upcoming events. Throughout the day, the thoughtful answers that our Executive team gave to the questions asked made us all feel incredibly lucky to get to work with such an amazing team. We finished the day with an incredibly fun team-building activity in an escape room!

The future here at Guelph Hillel is a bright one. With the start of the school year corresponding with Rosh Hashanah, it truly is a time of new beginnings in so many ways. With new beginnings comes the opportunity for fresh ideas and an abundance of wonderful opportunities. A new beginning does not entail unilateral discardment of the old. Rather, it is an opportunity for us all to use the past as a way to prepare for each of our new beginnings. We do not forget the past, but neither do we allow it to hold us back. Reflecting on our past as an organization, as a community, and as a family, we look toward the future with eagerness and anticipation.

From all of us in Guelph to you at home, we wish you a Shana Tova U’Metukah.

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