We are Marissa Kachuck & Yonatan Fortisnky and Josh Small & Hannah Finkelstein and we are running as your next Hillel Co-Presidents.

It is important to us that every student’s opinion is acknowledged and appreciated. We believe that every student has a unique and important perspective to contribute for the success and growth of the organization. Voting in the upcoming presidential election is crucial for the success of Hillel because of the importance that YOU the students have a say in the leadership of Hillel and the impact it have on our community. The ball is now in your court and we hope you take the time to vote on Monday and show us, through popular opinion, who you think should take on this leadership role and what areas of the organization you, as students, believe are important to focus on developing.

Josh Small and Hannah Finkelstein have said that they wish to focus on the areas of engaging more new students, as well as continuing to keep these students interested in attending events and being involved. They also wish to focus on developing ways to encourage feedback from the general public on how to improve Hillel. Lastly, they have said that they wish to focus on engaging Guelph Hillel as part of a larger organization rather than strictly Guelph. They plan to do this by implementing inter-campus events, where Guelph students can learn and improve from areas that other Hillel’s might have already experienced success.

Yoni Fortinsky and Marissa Kachuck have said they wish to reach out to members of the Jewish community and its allies to learn how, as co-presidents, they can improve Hillel and make it more open for everyone. They aim to create a system for all students to provide feedback about the quality of events experienced as well as anything they wish to see added, changed or improved. They would also like to enhance the experience of Shabbat and the feeling of community by offering an optional Tisch (sing-along session) after Shabbat dinners. Finally, they strive to offer more educational events and trainings with outside speakers for the leadership board and beyond.

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