Let’s Make Next Year Incredible!

Written by Riley Noik & Marissa Kachuk, Incoming Co-Presidents of Guelph Hillel

Hey there! We are Riley Noik and Marissa Kachuck. We are the co-presidents of Guelph Hillel for the 2018-2019 school year. We are so excited to guide the future Jewish leaders of the University of Guelph and to provide engaging events and programming for the Jewish community here on campus. We have spent the last year working closely with Guelph Hillel as members of the executive team. It has been an amazing year, planning and participating in new and creative events. Some of our favourites include; Sigd Festival Dinner, Murder Mystery Night, Winter Bash Semi Formal, Build Your Own Terrariums (Tu B’shvat Seder), and more! We cannot wait to see what innovative and unique ideas our future team has for next year.

We are extremely passionate about building and strengthening the Jewish community here at Guelph. We believe it is immensely important to have a place where Jewish students can meet one another, support each other and make lasting friendships in the process. With the busy life of a university student, Hillel provides an opportunity to take a step back, de-stress from all the school work and have fun. Our goal for next year is to ensure that Guelph Hillel is the place where students want to spend their time and truly love being Jewish.

As we say goodbye to our graduating members, we are enthusiastic about reaching out to the new Jewish students coming in. We plan to work with our executive team next year to engage the new students beyond the first couple weeks of school. We know first hand how difficult adjusting to university can be, but we learned that finding time to balance school and Hillel made us better and happier students. We want to share this advice, not just with the future Jewish students, but with all Jewish students at Guelph. As the percentage of Jewish students increases at the university, we feel determined to seek out those who have not experienced Hillel before and create programs that fit their interests. We cannot wait to start planning for Guelph Hillel 2018-2019 and make this coming school year incredible!