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At home, my go-to is my nespresso but I love a good vanilla frap year round! Come meet me over your favourite “outside” coffee (or tea?). Nothing better than that and good conversation!



    Vanilla frappuccino

I’m not a coffee person but I’ve learned to be a tea person. I love to learn new things from and with others.


I’m not much of a coffee drinker to many people’s surprise! When I do grab anything, my go to is plain black coffee. For tea, I usually enjoy a hot cup of earl grey.


    Earl grey tea

     Black coffee


Hillel Guelph Executive

President – Yonatan Fortinsky
President – Marissa Kachuck
Jewski – Ashley Raudanskis
VP Communications – Noam Kamm
VP Engagement – Jessica Pink
VP Engagement – Hannah Finkelstein
VP External -Samuel Macy
VP External – Josh Szweras
VP Holocaust Education – Dana Aronowitz

VP Holocaust Education – Joelle Chandler
VP Israel Education – Danna Ellner
VP Israel Education – Ariel Oren
VP Jewish Education – David Pasoff
VP Jewish Education – Yoel Yakobi
VP Leadership – Josh Small
VP Social – Brittany Besner
VP Social – Saul Fruitman
VP Tikkun Olam – Hannah Bender
VP Tikkun Olam – Jordi Green

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