Meet The McMaster Hillel Team

Iced coffee, hot coffee, fancy coffee – I love it all. Let me buy you your favourite coffee and let’s chat about everything and nothing at all.


      Ice coffee

    Hot coffee

I’m not a coffee person but I’ve learned to be a tea person. I love to learn new things from and with others.


      Hold on the coffee

    Sweet tea

My coffee drink matches my relationship with my national identity; a decaf Americano. Let’s meet up and discuss community organizing.


    Decaf americano


McMaster Hillel Executive

President – Josh Arbess
Past President – Max Librach
Vice-President – Shaina Benjamin
Israel Chair – Gal Armon
Education Chair – Shirelle Belmont
Social Chair – Zev Winegust
Hesed Chair – Emunah Woolf
Communications & Outreach Chair – Rebecca Buckler
First Year Engagement Chair – Ma’ayan Fadida
Events and Productions Chair – Dana Yablonovich

General Executive

Aliza Tziyona
Cassidy Bereskin
Daniella Mikanovsky
Eitan Yehuda
Isabella Papalia
Rachel Altman
Max Altman
Max Greenberg
Sam Neumark
Jacob Penciner

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