From Sunday, March 20th to Friday, March 25th

McMaster Hillel presents:
More Than Just a Bagel!

More than the cream cheese spread on top. More than the smoked salmon that makes it so good. Hillel is more than the bagels we share together. Hillel is about Jewish learning, friendship, memories, connection, and community and so much more.

Every dollar donated to McMaster Hillel will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $2,500!

That’s right – every gift will be DOUBLED and your donation will go twice as far.

Thank you for supporting our Jewish students so that they make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel.

*As we are concerned and aware of the escalating situation in the Ukraine and thinking about all who are affected in the region, a portion of all donations will be directed to Ukraine Emergency Relief efforts locally and nationally.


Why Support
McMaster Hillel?

McMaster Hillel is a place where we nurture community and make sure that every Jewish student has a place that they can call home on campus. Whether it’s our weekly bagel lunch or our monthly Shabbat dinners, or our first-year programs, McMaster Hillel makes sure there is something for everyone. Sometimes that is a coffee chat with a student leader or Hillel staff person or it could be a small learning group. Getting to know one another is an important part of who we are.

Student leaders at McMaster Hillel feel it is so important to give back and to nurture a place that they feel is their home. Finding community and a place that supports mental health and well-being is an important resource for all students. McMaster Hillel is that place. Our return to campus has provided us with so much joy – that we are able to participate and see our friends in person again has been amazing. McMaster Hillel’s lounge on campus and house off campus provides a break between classes, a bagel lunch each week or a warm smile from a friendly, familiar face. Having this home away from home is so important.

With support from parents, friends and community members we can continue to support a place that is so important to us. Please give generously and help support Jewish students on campus!
Thank you for contributing to our McMaster Hillel community! Please feel free to leave a comment of support!

Thank you for contributing to our McMaster Hillel community! Please feel free to leave a comment of support!

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