Passover Resources for you!

If you’re celebrating Passover this year, things look a little different. We collected some resources that we hope will help you find kosher food for Passover and a Seder table to enjoy it at. 

Selling Your Chametz

Looking to sell your chametz this Passover? We’ve provided a couple of links for you to choose from even though you can sell your Chametz to anyone from anywhere! Look no further than the links below:

Kosher for Passover Food: Hamilton

• Fortinos: 1579 Main St W, Hamilton, ON

• Hamilton Kosher: This is the local kosher butcher, they carry a small assortment of other food products as well. It is best to call in advance to place an order. 889 King St W, Hamilton, ON

Kosher for Passover Food: London

• Metro at 1030 Adelaide St. North. They keep basic kosher for Passover food like dry goods and frozen items in-stock. Find more info here.

Online Haggadot for your Seders

We may be far apart, but we’ll still be celebrating Passover together. Look through a variety of online Haggadot for your unique and special Seder for Passover.

Charity & Chesed Volunteering for Passover

The Jewish principle of Tikkun Olam “Repairing the World” and Chesed “Kindness” teach us of our shared responsibility to help those in need. Help those who need it most using the volunteer/food drive links below.