Phone Policy FAQ

If you haven’t read it yet please familiarize yourself with Hillel Ontario’s Corporate Phone Policy Here

What is included in the plan?

All plans have 5GB of data and unlimited minutes. Other features include:

  • US Daily Roam ($7/day, includes calls and texts to/from US & Canada. Data deducted from domestic usage allowance)
  • International Daily Roam ($12/day, includes unlimited calls to/from destination country & Canadian #s. Data is deducted from domestic usage allowance. Not all countries are eligible for Daily Roam)
  • Unlimited Canada to Canada long distance
  • Unlimited Canada to USA long distance
  • Message Centre and call display
  • Unlimited international text, picture and video messaging
  • Call waiting
  • Conference calling
  • Call forwarding

What happens to my phone when I travel?

Unlike most corporate cell phone plans, our plan allows you to use Daily Roam (this is the Bell equivalent to Rogers’ Roam Like Home). If you are travelling for work, this cost is included. If you are travelling for leisure, you will be charged through a payroll deduction.

Staff leading Birthright trips will reimbursed up to $60.00 CDN for an Israeli sim card.  Daily Roam charges incurred while leading a birthright trip will not  be reimbursed.

Who monitors our bills and how often are they monitored?

Phone bills will be reviewed every month to ensure no misuse or overuse has occurred. Reviews will be conducted by the Director of Operations.

How do we pay additional charges we incur?

You will be notified of any additional charges monthly and they will be charged as a payroll deduction.

What happens if I leave Hillel?

If you leave Hillel, you can transfer your telephone number into your own liability through the “Departing Employee Program”.  You will be responsible for all migration costs involved in this transfer which typically includes the cost of a new SIM Card ($10-$20) and Transfer Fee ($35).  If you have been given an iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy 8 and you do not want the phone, Hillel will retain ownership. In this case, you are required to remove your Apple ID or Samsung ID before departure. If you want to keep the phone or if you are not using an iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy 8, you will also be responsible for repayment of the hardware subsidy to Hillel Ontario (if applicable).

Under no circumstances are you permitted to port your number directly to another carrier prior to completing the Departing Employee Program.

What if I am on a Family Plan?

There are no special considerations being provided at this time for people on family

plans. You have the same options as other Employees.

Do I have to be on the plan?

Yes. If you wish to retain your own personal phone and phone number, you are welcome to do so. In this case, you will also be given another Hillel Ontario phone and phone number for work purposes that you are required to have with you during work hours. There will be no alternative subsidy provided.

My Letter of Employment says that I get reimbursed “x” amount a month. How can Hillel Ontario legally make this change if that’s what I signed?

Your current cell phone reimbursement is not income but a benefit provided for you to do your job. This type of change is not considered a legal breach of the terms of employment between Hillel Ontario and any of our employees, as it does not constitute a material change in your compensation or benefits.

Why are we making this change?

This is a decision we have made as an organization, as we continue to grow, that will save us a considerable amount of money over the next 3-5 years ($20,000+).

What is the process moving forward?

The next step will be for you to provide certain account information to us to give to our Corporate Plan Provider. We will also need to know whether you want to get a new phone or you will be using the phone you currently have. You will be sent a new sim card (and phone if applicable) to either the Wolfond Centre or another Hillel House/Space that you can activate yourself with the device of your choosing (must be unlocked if not a Bell phone). We will also have a three-hour window on March 23rd where staff from our Corporate Plan Provider will be at the Wolfond Centre to help in person or on the phone.

Any cancellation fee you incur from your provider
can be submitted for reimbursement.

For any questions, comments or concerns please contact Zach Sadowski