Written by: Maddie Elman

So…what’s it like being a Jewish frosh on campus? As someone who experienced being a Jewish frosh, all I can tell you is that it is amazing! From bagel brunch, to bar matzah bash and everything in-between, there is never a dull moment. This year, there are some big things in store for frosh! Our Head of Frosh Reps Maddie Elman and Iris Weissman have been working hard to ensure that the frosh for this year have events to attend, food to eat, and making life-long friends.

This year, at Queen’s Hillel, we are planning to have events that are catered to frosh. Whether it is a “How to write your first exam” workshop or a night at the movies, there will always be something for everyone. Our annual “Bagel Brunch” is an event where frosh can come and meet the Hillel team as well as eat some delicious bagels. Hillel aims to create a community where not only frosh feel welcome, but anyone in any year feels welcome. Their community is most definitely a unique one. Hillel provides opportunities for social, educational and religion events. With an estimation of 1,500 Jewish students on campus, Hillel strives to help these students make connections with their Jewish Identity, political diversity, and of course Israel.

Are you a Jewish Frosh at Queens and want to get involved? Apply to be a Hillel Frosh Rep. Frosh Reps will have the chance to be the voice of the first years. They will have the chance to learn amazing skills that they can take with them in the future. Frosh Reps will have the opportunity to plan events as well as be a part of important educational programs such as Holocaust Education Week. Frosh will be able to learn important skills such as organization, communication and teamwork.

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