Holocaust Education Week

Written by Hunter Soll, position General Exec Memeber

This month, Queen’s Hillel hosted Holocaust Education Week (HEW) on campus. To commemorate HEW, we held various events each day in order to facilitate discussions about the Holocaust and ensure that the memories of those who experience it live on. Among all of the activities that occurred over the week, the most notable event was having Holocaust survivor Esther Fairbloom travel from Toronto to Kingston to share her story. During her address, Fairbloom told the crowd that Queen’s was her fifth stop of the week, following speeches at churches as well as Leo Baeck Day School. Fairbloom actively shares her story in the hopes of raising awareness about the ongoing effects of the Holocaust. In addition to hearing Fairbloom speak, other events hosted by Hillel Queen’s included; a Whiteboard Campaign, a Walk Through Holocaust Education Exhibit, and a Righteous Among The Nations Exhibit.

Holocaust Education Week is very important for raising not just awareness of the tragedies of the Holocaust, but the importance of carrying on the stories of those who experiences them as well. Survivors are growing older, and so it is very important that we utilize the chances we have to hear them speak and have conversations with those who experienced it. We still have survivors who can recall where they were and what happened, and in 10 years, we likely won’t.

As a young adult, I believe that it is very crucial that we continue the conversation about the events of the Holocaust in order to ensure that we never forget, and that something as horrific as the Holocaust never happens again.