Meet The Queen’s Hillel Team

Despite my accent, you’ll quickly realize that I’m basically the worst Brit ever. I don’t follow football and I don’t drink tea. I am though, always up for a can of Diet Coke and a catch-up.


     No Coffee

    Diet Coke

I’m a ‘more is more’ kinda gal, so I’ll never say no to coffee (with heavy cream). Just like popcorn at the movies, you can’t go wrong with a cup o’ joe and a really good chat.



     Regular Coffee


In the morning, you’ll find me drinking strong coffee with a splash of milk! Once the afternoon rolls around I switch to decaf earl grey tea. At all times of the day, I’m happy to sit down over Zoom or Facebook Messenger for a virtual chat!



I’m ecstatic to meet and speak with all of you over coffee! I’m basically a coffee addict, anything from cold brew to a warm cafe mocha, but hold the milk for me. Let’s compare American vs Canadian terms, and talk about dogs!


      Extra large coffee

    No milk

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