Runway Fellowship Participation Agreement


Participation Agreement


I agree and confirm to participate in all aspects of the Runway Leadership Fellowship, including but not limited to:

  • “Take-off” social and bonding event
  • One online video session with a Jewish educator in the winter semester
  • Participation in two Israel coffee date experiences with a campus Israel Fellow
  • Attendance at five Hillel programs, followed by a coffee date with the campus Jewish educator
  • Shabbaton at the “mid-point” in early September
  • Two online video sessions with a Jewish educator in the fall semester
  • “Landing event” before exams to evaluate and reflect on the overall program and mark the culmination of the Fellowship featuring presentation of certificate of completion and letter of recognition from Hillel Ontario


At Hillel Ontario we understand and respect the unpredictable nature of university life.

Should a Fellow be unable to attend a session, it is the responsibility of the Fellow to notify the campus educator at the earliest possible opportunity and follow up on the content of the session missed by contacting and meeting with the campus professional or educator at another mutually agreed upon time.

If a trend occurs and a Fellow is unable to attend three or more programs/sessions in a row, successful completion and enjoying full benefits from the Runway Leadership Fellowship could be jeopardized.
By signing below, you are committing to the duration of the year long Runway Fellowship in leadership training and development.