Israel Week at Ryerson

Written by Shirel Moll, JLIC Representative

Israel week at Ryerson was a huge success! The week was jam packed with interactive events and tasty Israeli food. To kick off Israel week, Aaron, our Shinshin, taught us how to make hummus! Not only was it tasty but we learned a lot about the history of hummus in Israel. The next day, there was an amazing Israeli Food Festival at the Ted Rogers building. At this event, Ryerson students learned about Israeli snacks like Bamba and Bissli and had the chance to taste one of Israel’s delicacies; falafel! The next day, Ryerson students were surprised by Ayinadis, the Israel Fellow at McMaster and Guelph, who made us beautiful, tasty Ethiopian food. From spicy salads to Ethiopian bread, the food and the origins behind them were absolutely incredible. The culmination and highlight of the week was the Layla Lavan party where Hillel Ryerson was joined by other students from across the GTA. During this evening event, students had the chance to learn more about Tel Aviv and all the wonders the city holds. Students danced, sang, and ate a ton of halva while celebrating Israeli culture with each other. I loved learning more about my homeland during Israel week. I enjoy spending time with the shinshinim and developing my own knowledge by teaching others on campus. I am looking forward to dancing with all my friends next year in Jerusalem (though, I’ll settle for Tel Aviv ;).