Meet The Hillel Ryerson Team

Year-round Iced Tea enthusiast and Diet Coke aficionado. I’ll drink pretty much anything other than coffee, but would love to buy one for you!


     Iced Tea enthusiast

    Diet coke aficionado

I’m a latte lover, tea fiend, and seltzer super fan. Can’t wait to grab any of the above (or whatever you like best) with you this year!!

     Latte lover

   Tea fiend

Have you ever had an oat milk latte from Balzacs? Let’s grab coffee and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Hillel Ryerson!

     Oat milk latte

A Kibbutz native with a propensity for city life. I love wandering around Toronto and exploring new places. Meet me for a Latte and teach me the secrets of Starbucks I have yet not learned!


I love a strong coffee with a splash of milk. I like Jewish history and Jewish television characters, and can talk about both for hours!

   Strong coffee



Hillel Ryerson Executive

Co-President – Mike Shulman
Co-President – Sarah Krupat
VP Internal – Rebecca Ross
VP Jewish Life – Elyanna Wenner
VP Development & OOS Team Lead – Jeremy Galper
OOS Team Lead – Jordyn Weinberg
VP Interfaith – Joeie Schwartz

VP First Year Life – Tommy Abelman
VP First Year Life – Jennifer Miller
VP Holocaust Education Week – Jake Benaim
VP Social Media – Jessica Kline
VP Social Media – Adina Saban
Past President & Advisor – Geoffrey Handelman

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