Meet The Hillel Ryerson Team

Year-round Iced Tea enthusiast and Diet Coke aficionado. I’ll drink pretty much anything other than coffee, but would love to buy one for you!


     Iced Tea enthusiast

    Diet coke aficionado

Always learning to discuss how Judaism, sports or custom suits can enhance your life while drinking an Americano double (or triple) shot!


Do you love nature? Let’s take a walk or sit somewhere with trees. I’ll probably have a cold seltzer or hot tea in hand while we discuss Jewish identity, our favourite hobbies, or whatever’s on your mind! 


I’m into funk & neo soul music. I love Jonathan Safran Foer’s books and films by the Coen Brothers. Jewish and Israeli history are also my jam. 



Hillel Ryerson Executive

President – Rebecca Ross 
VP Internal – Jordan Goldenberg
VP Outreach – Jennifer Miller
VP Education – Nicky Polansky
VP Jewish Life – Elyanna Wenner
Inclusion Chair – Rebecca Anker
Interfaith – Tommy Abelman

Socials Chair – Avigail Aaron
Tikkun Olam Chair – Caitlin Zwaigen
Shabbat & Holiday Chair – Ami Wenner
Past President & Advisor – Mike Shulman
Event Chair – Daniela Leite
Jewski Intern – Nick Gordon
Jewski Intern – Nicole Grinberg

JLIC Co-President – Rebecca Assor


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