Stand On One Foot with Elyanna

My name is Elyanna Wenner, and I am very excited to be a part of Ryerson Hillel’s On One Foot Team this year. I am a first year student at Ryerson in the Psychology program. I graduated from TanenbaumCHAT Kimel last year, and coming from that environment, which was surrounded by Judaic learning and other Jewish people, I was looking for a Jewish community to be a part of at university. Luckily, Hillel Ryerson has given me what I was looking for.

Hillel is a big part of my life in school and out. I drop by the Loft almost every day between my classes, and when I have free time, you know you can find me there. I am excited to have more leadership opportunities with Hillel in the future, and I have already hosted my first event: Hillel Movie Night!

I’m excited to see Hillel Ryerson grow. As a result of last year’s On One Foot campaign, the Hillel Loft has been renovated and is now complete with couches, tables and chairs, bean bags, a kitchen, and the coolest part: swings! The renovations make the Loft so inviting- it really is a home on campus for Jewish students. As part of the On One Foot Team, I am excited to see what the future holds. I know it will be fantastic.

Thanks for your support,

Elyanna Wenner