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Tamar Cherkasov
Springboard Jewski Fellow

Gila Cotler
Guelph Hillel

Jared Drewnowsky
VP of Philanthropy,
Hillel Ontario


Judith Dworkin
Senior Director,
McMaster Hillel


Liza Garbuzova
Jewski Coordinator,
Hillel Ontario


Katie Goldig
Senior Manager of Community Philanthropy, Hillel Ontario


Scott Goldstein
Senior Director, Western Hillel


Aaron Goldstein-Storseth
Senior Finance Manager,
Hillel Ontario





Rabbi Seth Goren
Chief Education
& Campus Officer,
Hillel Ontario


Mitchell Gould
Advocacy Manager,
Hillel Ryerson


Rabbi Aaron Greenberg
Director of Jewish
Learning Initiative,
Hillel York


Elie Guttmann
Director of Marketing &
Hillel Ontario


Samantha Henry
Senior Creative Strategist,
Hillel Ontario


Noam Kamm
Springboard Innovation Fellow


Anna Kissin
Major Gifts Officer


Rob Nagus
Senior Director, Hillel UofT


Marc Newburgh
CEO, Hillel Ontario


Ruth Chitiz
Assistant Director,
Hillel York


Ashira Prizant
Senior Jewish Educator, Hillel Ryerson


Anita Robins
Director of
Stakeholder Engagement,
Hillel Ontario


Rabbi Ariella Rosen
Senior Jewish Educator, Hillel UofT


Amit Rozenblum
Hillels Waterloo Laurier


Daniel Sennet
Chief Finance Officer,
Hillel Ontario



Rabbi Ben Shefter
Senior Jewish Educator, McMaster & Guelph

Bev Shimansky
Chief Engagement & Campus Officer


Jay Solomon
Chief Communications
& Public Affairs Officer,
Hillel Ontario 


Jeremy Starr
Senior Program Director,
Hillel UofT


Leora Tarshish
Education Director,
Western Hillel


Yos Tarshish
Queen’s Hillel




Shira Unterman
Talent Director,
Hillel Ontario


Elyse Wieskopf
Ryerson Hillel


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