Written by Melanie Shimov

Hi! I’m Melanie Shimov, a second-year human biology student at UofT and I am super excited to be one of Hillel’s student leaders this school year. Hillel UofT is my home on this huge campus, and it gives me many opportunities to explore my Jewish identity that resonate with my peers. I have the opportunity to plan events and communicate with new Jewish students, like myself, every day.

As part of my role as a Hillel student leader, I am also the Jewski intern. Jewski  focuses on engagement of Jewish students of Russian-speaking background and heritage. Jewski plans events that are Russian/Soviet and Jewish themed in order to incorporate family traditions such as mine. For my fellow tapochki-wearing and borscht-eating Jews, there is a Jewski event coming up on October 10 th from 11am-1 pm called “Babushka’s Destressfe(a)st”. We can all destress from midterms with Babushka’s best remedy – food. Make sure to stop by the Wolfond Centre for some multiki and other destressors! I cannot wait to see you all at our first Jewski event of the school year.

With Rosh Hashanah just last week and Yom Kippur right around the corner, it is the most spiritual and reflective time of the year – the ten days of repentance. During these ten days, we should reflect on our past year and set goals for the future. It is the time to recognize our mistakes and try to avoid making the same ones in the future. It is a time to determine study, life, and health goals in order to try and be the best version of ourselves.

On Yom Kippur, we ask for forgiveness for everything we have done wrong last year and pray that we are inscribed in the book of life. In order to be forgiven, we not only pray to God, but we apologize to our friends, families, or anyone that we have wronged in order to start fresh in the new year.I would like to wish everyone a Shana Tova. I hope you all fulfil your resolutions for this year and have a successful, stress-free midterm season!


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