Dear Friends,

As we close another year at Hillel UofT, we hope everyone is staying safe and adjusting to the realities of physical distancing. It was a great year at Hillel, one that saw us bring Kosher food to campus thanks to our student lead Kosher Forward Campaign. A year with more Shabbat dinners than ever before, new learning fellowships, frosh programming, holiday and social events, and a vibrant and packed Wolfond Centre.

As we look towards next year, we would like to recognize the amazing work and leadership of Rabbi Julia Appel, who will be leaving Hillel at the end of May. It would be impossible to fully recognize everything Rabbi Julia has brought to campus, but needless to say, she is leaving a tremendous legacy of learning, spiritual guidance, passion, and organizational vision. The impact of her time at Hillel UofT will be felt for years to come.

From students to student life professionals, from Hillel colleagues to community partners, Rabbi Julia has touched many lives in her 4 years on campus. Please take a few minutes to fill out the following form to let Rabbi Julia know what her work has meant to you personally and to our Jewish community on campus.

We wish everyone a successful close to exam season and we will be in touch over the summer with exciting virtual programming and updates about Hillel next year. We can’t wait to see you again in person at the Wolfond Centre when we reopen.

Written by Rob Nagus

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