Meet The UofT Hillel Team

Amit Rozenblum

Senior Director and
Senior Jewish Educator,
Hillel UofT

Anything from an Americano to a double espresso gets me every time, and by every time I mean 3, 4, maybe 5 … a day. I also like meeting new people and making new friends, so let’s get coffee! 




Jeremy Starr

Senior Program Director,
Hillel UofT

I’m back at Hillel UofT and absolutely love being back on campus! Let’s go for coffee!

   Regular Coffee

Jacqueline Dressler

Advocacy Manager,
UofT & Western

I’m a ‘more is more’ kinda gal, so I’ll never say no to coffee (with heavy cream). Just like popcorn at the movies, you can’t go wrong with a cup o’ joe and a really good chat.



     Regular Coffee



Hillel Student Leaders

Joshua Albin-Smith
Nathan Diena
Naena Drazman
Max Fine
Noah Goldstein
Marley Greenberg
Josh Grief
Tehilla Hefelbaum
Zed Hoffman-Weldon
Cass Iocavelli
Evan Kanter

Sam Klein
Yasmin Lashgari
Sydnie Miller
Nelson Morgan
Shimmy Nauenberg
Ryan Ripsman
Yardena Rosenblum
Avigail Rucker
Emma Simon
Talia Shafir
Sara Sugin
Joel West
Sylvia Wolk

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