Meet The UofT Hillel Team

I’m back at Hillel UofT and absolutely love being back on campus! Let’s go for coffee!

   Black coffee

Always learning to discuss how Judaism, sports or custom suits can enhance your life while drinking an Americano double (or triple) shot!


I’m into funk & neo soul music. I love Jonathan Safran Foer’s books and films by the Coen Brothers. Jewish and Israeli history are also my jam. 


Do you love nature? Let’s take a walk or sit somewhere with trees. I’ll probably have a cold seltzer or hot tea in hand while we discuss Jewish identity, our favourite hobbies, or whatever’s on your mind! 

    Hot Tea


Hillel Student Leaders

Sofia Freudenstein
Josh Grief
Elad Dekel
Melissa Starr
Naena Drazman
Stephanie Melnik
Emma Simon
Megan Hill
Alon Lavie
Ryan Ripsman
Adam Spodek
Shimmy Nauenberg
Marley Greenberg
Lindsay Blainey

Cass Iacovelli
Tehilla Helfenbaum
Sara Sugin
David Polisuk
Avigail Rucker
Neil Merovitch
Lior Litvack
Ben Bergman
Joel Kahn
Nathan Diena
Joel West
Netta Halevy
Corinne Hayum
Michelle Hirschhorn
Yoav Shimoni
David Rubenstein

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