Meet The UofT Hillel Team

I’m back at Hillel UofT and absolutely love being back on campus! Let’s go for coffee!

   Black coffee

A transplant from Boston, I enjoy cooking, singing in bands, weight-lifting, and going on adventures with my kids. Let’s get chai lattes and talk life!

   Chai latte

As a recent grad myself, I love being back on campus! I like to stay active and am always looking for squash buddies. Let’s go for coffee! I’ll be the one sitting with a Double Shot Iced Americano ft. Heaps of Cinnamon.


      Iced Americano

    Double shot

A Kibbutz native with a propensity for city life. I love wandering around Toronto and exploring new places. Meet me for a latte and teach me the secrets of Starbucks I have yet not learned!

    Israeli latte


Hillel Student Leaders

Adam Spodek
Ben Bergman
Bryan Ireland
Chaim Grafstein
Christopher Simpson
Corinne Hayum
Danny Grunbaum
David Rubenstein
David Polisuk
Emma Simon
Eve Bernstein
Gilad Yohananow
Hiam Amar
Jacqueline Viner
Jadon Rutman
James Pritsker
Joel Kahn
Joey Litvak

Kohava Mendelsohn
Lindsay Blainey
Lior Litvack
Marley Greenberg
Melanie Shimov
Michelle Hirschhorn
Miryam Kaduri
Naomi Mattuck
Neil Merovitch
Netta Halevy
Rachel Cohen
Rebecca Levi
Roee Liran
Shlomo Alon
Skylar Cheung
Sofia Freudenstein
Sophie Sondhelm
Stephanie Melnik
Tyler Samuels
Ya’el Kastiel

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