Written by Allison Kapps, Waterloo Jewski Intern

Creating connections between people with shared backgrounds and values is one of the most important goals of any Hillel. To that end, Hillel Ontario created Jewski, a well known niche program that aims to connect Russian speaking students to each other as well as to the greater Jewish community on campus. Programs range from paid internships, social and cultural programming, “Novyy god” and holiday celebrations as well as an opportunity to participate in our elite J.Lead Training Program. Jewski has been extremely successful on campuses in Toronto and at Western Hillel, and it is my pleasure to announce that in October, the Jewski program officially launched in Waterloo.

The launch event at Huether Hotel drew a wonderful crowd of interested participants who were all very excited to see Jewski come to Waterloo. Everyone shared their own personal stories of their Russian connection and some fun Russian traditions that their own families hold. Once everyone was well acquainted we had a quick drumroll as we revealed Waterloo’s own Jewski logo. As the night came to an end we gathered some ideas for future events and we left everyone wanting more.

Stay tuned to the Jewski and Hillel Waterloo Facebook pages for upcoming Jewski events and more ways to get involved.

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