Written by Jenn Brodie, VP of Campus Engagement

My name is Jennifer Brodie, and I’m the Vice President of Campus Engagement this year at Western Hillel. My role is new to the council this year, and was created to expand Hillel’s presence on campus and outreach to non-Jewish communities. Interfaith is a passion of mine, and I am driven to create and foster a religious acceptance, awareness, and dialogue on campus. I worked hard this year to begin this dialogue, as seen in a dinner and discussion I planned between the members of the Catholic Newman Club and Hillel in November.

The event was called an “Evening of Information and Dialogue: Understanding Social Justice in the Abrahamic Faith Traditions”, an interfaith conference at which I was a keynote speaker. I most recently organized a dinner and discussion with the Power to Change group (interdenominational Christian club on campus). All discussions I host, and what I focused on when speaking at the conference, surround the similarities between the Abrahamic faith traditions (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity), and how our groups can work together to foster religious acceptance and awareness on campus and in our greater communities.

I find it important when planning interfaith events to plan activities that highlight shared values rather than differences, as well I try to incorporate conversations surrounding issues such as islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

See below for pictures from the aforementioned events! Thank you for your continued support to Western Hillel, as it allows me an outlet for my passion to Judaism and commitment to outreach.

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