Enriching the lives of Western’s Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish community, Israel, and the world.


Western Hillel offers unique opportunities for students to explore their own Jewish identity in a variety of ways. Whether your interests lie in Jewish Life and Education, Tzedek and Social Action, Arts and Culture, Athletics, Israel, Leadership Development, or anything in between, opportunities to connect exist through Western Hillel. Here are some examples:

First Year Students

First year can be overwhelming. Western Hillel staff and student leadership are here for you. You will find events and programs dedicated to helping you connect with students that are going through the same experience. From First Year Brunch to mentorship programs, we got you covered.

Shabbat Across London

Make your grandmother proud by creating your own Shabbat experiences with friends. Host a Shabbat Dinner, Chollent & Chill, ShaBRUNCH, or any other way you want to celebrate during the 25 hours of Shabbat. Western Hillel provides all the tools with Shabbat In A Bag and subsidies.

Jewish Learning Fellowship

Explore Jewish ideas and how they relate to you through an internationally acclaimed learning fellowship experience. A unique and creative approach to learning brings together students from all backgrounds to explore topics in a meaningful way regardless of previous Jewish educational experiences.

Not From Toronto

As a large percentage of our Western Jewish community comes from very close social networks in Toronto, we recognize it’s not always easy for students from outside Toronto to find their place. By bringing these students together, they are able to make new connections and build relationships which make navigating the Western community that much easier.


Jewski is the group for Russian-speaking Jewish students on campus. It is designed to connect Russian speaking students to each other as well as to the greater Jewish community on campus. Programs range from paid internships, social and cultural programming, “Novyy god” and holiday celebrations as well as an opportunity to participate in our elite J.LEAD Training Program. Once a Jewski, always a Jewski!

For more information about Jewski, please contact Melanie Rose at melanie.rose@hillelontario.org

Meet the team

Western Hillel offers unique opportunities for students to explore their own Jewish identity in a variety of ways. Speak to our team to learn more!

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