Cocktails For A Cause

Written by Aimee Maresky, Co-Chair of Cocktails For A Cause

Western Hillel’s annual mixer, Cocktails for a Cause, a fundraising initiative has always been something that I have wanted to be involved with, hoped to plan and look forward to attending. When given the opportunity to co-chair Cocktails for a Cause 2018, with Romy Segall, I was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Fundraising and event planning has always been a true passion of mine, so knowing that I had the opportunity to organize an event affiliated with Hillel made the experience extremely worthwhile. The chosen charity for the year’s event was Aaron’s Apple. Aaron’s Apple is a charitable foundation that raises funds for families who cannot afford medication for their chronically ill children. Raising money and awareness made the event extremely meaningful knowing that everything accomplished was contributing towards a great and important cause.

Each individual on the committee for Cocktails for a Cause was extremely dedicated. Planning the event with capable and passionate team members made the event a true success; weekly meetings, marketing campaigns and creative ideas for the event built awareness of this necessary charitable initiative. It was an amazing and rewarding experience knowing that all the hard work put in was going towards a good cause. With a high turnout and 140+ tickets sold, we are proud that over  $1,400 was raised for Aaron’s Apple.