Dear First Year Me

Written by Aubra Millstone

Now that I’m done, there are some things I wish I knew four years ago to help me get through my undergrad.

  1. London is COLD in the winter.  Dress warmly for those early mornings when you’re waiting for the bus to get to campus.
  2. If you’re looking for a quiet, closed off space to study, check out Taylor Library. Maybe Weldon library just isn’t the place for you.
  3. UC Hill is a sheet of ice in colder months… note to self: beware!!
  4. Things can get stressful, especially during exam time. Everything is new to you. Make healthy choices as best as you can. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.
  5. Take time for yourself. Things get busy fast!! Surround yourself with good people, get involved and don’t focus so much on the one test that you got 65% on. It won’t matter 3 years from now.
  6. There’s a movie theatre in the UCC that shows movies for $4.25! It’s a great way to destress and do something fun with friends. I wish I did this more often.
  7. Going to bars is not the only thing to do on weekends. Don’t feel pressured by everyone around you to go out all the time. Though Western is labelled “the party school”, you’ll find ways to have your own fun with the people with whom you like to be surrounded. Not every night needs to be a bar night.



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