Meet The Western Hillel Team

Katie Goldig

Western Hillel

I can’t wait to meet you! The best thing about coffee is enjoying it over a good conversation so please click below to set a time to meet with me 🙂 

Jacqueline Dressler

Advocacy Manager,
UofT & Western

I’m a ‘more is more’ kinda gal, so I’ll never say no to coffee (with heavy cream). Just like popcorn at the movies, you can’t go wrong with a cup o’ joe and a really good chat.



     Regular Coffee



Western Hillel Executive

President – Isabel Borisov
VP Admin – Glen Raudanskis
VP Communications – Chloe Zuckerman
VP Social – Jason Aginsky
VP Jewish Life – Dani Livshitz
VP Student Support – Natalie Cheifetz
VP Outreach – Adam Miller
VP Israel – Dylan Gudofsky
VP Tzedek – Jaime Gaines
VP Frosh – Aaron Herlick

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