Written by Ilana Lazar

Top 7 things I would tell my first year self

I started first year as an Undecided major and took courses in just about every area. I’m not a science kid, but I took a science course about babies and cancer, and I took a french course. Related? Not at all! By the end of your first year you’ll get to know what you like and what you dislike.

Get involved!!!
This is soooo cliché but involvement in first year is the key to success! Frosh week, colleges, clubs, and obviously Hillel are amazing places to make friends. You’ll also find upper year students to show you around the massive campus!

Be proactive!
Don’t procrastinate on those assignments, essays, and exams! Study hard and study well. Even get your parents and friends to test you! Stay on top of your work and you’ll succeed!

Get to know your profs
500 person lectures are a dime a dozen in first year, but the best way to stand out is to become friendly with your prof. Introduce yourself to them at the beginning and do not be afraid to go to them for advice. By the end of the year you’ll have an amazing relationship and they’ll help you in more ways than you can think of!

Don’t buy campus food!
That freshman 15 is SO real! The only way to avoid the first year weight gain is to bring food from home. And it’s so much cheaper than campus food! Food for thought

Have a social life
Grades aren’t everything. People are everything. Make friends and make lots of them! You never know, they might end up being part of your wedding party! At the end of the day, your employer won’t look at your grades, but rather your ability to interact with others, so sharpen up those skills while you can!

Take care of yourself
School is stressful, but sometimes you have to let the stress go! Go out, do yoga, play some sports, sweat, eat healthy. Anything and everything to get you out of that rut and into something much less stressful! There are tons of opportunities on campus with counselling, puppy therapy, free yoga, etc. Find them and do them!

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