Martha Gumprich is not only one of our interns but also an amazing writer with a personal blog that we love. With Martha’s blessing, we are happy to share it with everyone. The following is the first entry of Martha’s blog entitled You Didn’t Know I Was Gay? It’s Okay, Neither Did I.


Welcome to my blog!

Updated: Jan 15

Hello, and welcome to my blog. Glad you could make it. Grab a cup because I’m about to pour some hot tea. I’m writing this blog so people can have someone relatable and can see themselves in, something I never had until a couple of months and one iffy relationship ago.

I thought about hyping up this blog like celebrities do before they drop a new album. I’d post a random picture on Instagram of a butterfly wing reflected in a jewel on a sneaker with no context or caption and no one would know what’s going on, you’d just know you’re excited; but that seemed a little extra, even for me.

I’m from Chilliwack, BC, a small (some Chilliwack people will argue that it’s not small but let me tell you, it is. York is two-thirds the population of Chilliwack) farm town. Picture endless cornfields and a junior hockey team that has a cow for a mascot. I wish I was kidding… Everyone knows everyone or is at least best friends with the cousin of the person you know; so, everyone knows everyone’s’ business. At first, this was a big reason why I did not want to come out at home. I knew that once I came out, everyone would know and that scared me. I didn’t feel that me being gay was something that people needed to know.

Chilliwack is also not a place known for its diversity and acceptance and those who argue that it is have had the privilege of never being in a position where they haven’t been accepted because of things that are out of their control. Don’t get me wrong, my home is gorgeous and takes my breath away every time I visit, but it has its moments. People wanted a rainbow sidewalk painted downtown but there were so many issues with it, it had to go in front of city council and they voted it down. When this was announced I was very upset. Living in Toronto, a very diverse and open city, I had forgotten that not everywhere is like this and I was feeling very discouraged about coming out to more people at home. Since then, 16 people have painted rainbow sidewalks by their houses to show support for the LGBTQ community so it’s not all bad.

Clearly, I warmed up to the idea of coming out publicly because here I am spilling my every thought to you (just kidding, it won’t be my EVERY thought in case my Dad reads this. Hi, Dad). I decided to make my coming out super public and cute (did you see my Instagram post? Adorable) BECAUSE most people at home know me or at least has an older sister with a boyfriend who played hockey with a friend who knows me, and someone who might need it can see another Chilliwack person who is now out and thriving *dramatically snaps fingers*.

In this blog, I will talk about figuring out and accepting who I am, my coming out, and the reactions I got from my family and friends and the aftereffects. I hope that everyone can find something relatable in this blog; whether it’s a better understanding of others or helping someone see that they are not alone. I’m so excited to share this new chapter in my life and I hope you enjoy!

Martha Gumprich


To read more of Martha’s blog posts, be sure to check out her site at You Didn’t Know I Was Gay? It’s Okay, Neither Did I.

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