By: Hannah Feldbloom

Holocaust Education Week may have ended, but the importance of the programs will stay for ages. I wish to thank all of our participants for taking the time out of their day to learn about the Holocaust.

When I was approached by Lior to run one of the programs, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. This led to a month of Zoom planning, Whatsapp messages, and various Instagram tagging to put together a comprehensive and engaging Holocaust Education Week. One of the important aspects of this week was to educate others about the events of the Holocaust. By having the participants engage with the material it will hopefully leave an impact on them and they will remember this for years to come.

We first ran a program called Non-Jewish Women Leaders in the Holocaust. In this event, we analyzed the profiles of various women who saved the lives of Jewish children during the Holocaust and taught the rest of the group about their lives. We also learned about the bravery of youth during the Holocaust and what it takes to be a leader.

Another important lesson we took away from the week is the importance of having, or building, perseverance as Anti-semitism rises. This is why I am grateful to have Hillel across campuses in Canada to give us a community where we feel safe and comfortable. As we learnt through this week, it is also always important to have allies alongside you in your fight.
Lior then led the Cooking a Memory event, inspired by his grandmother. As he explained, it wasn’t just about the food, but about the memory of his grandmother.

I wish to thank Holocaust survivor Hedy Bohm who told her story and answered our questions and Matthew Shoychet, the producer of the movie The Accountant of Auschwitz.

One of the major aspects of Holocaust Education Week is trading stories and experiences through oral learning and word-of-mouth. As Holocaust survivors begin to leave us, it is more important than ever that we make sure “Never Again” doesn’t become a cliché, but a reality.

I hope everyone learned something during this week and continues to engage with Hillel during their time at York.

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