Our Top Six Moments

Written by Dan Hadad, Interim Director at Hillel York

What a semester!

From our kickoff lunch to Tight ‘N’ Bright on the Fifth Night, this semester we’ve provided fun and engaging opportunities for York students to celebrate Jewish life on campus.

And our top 6 moments are…

  1. That time the Israeli Shinshinim brought the Israeli spirit to The Richmond. On Dec. 16th , over 100 students from campuses across the GTA joined together to celebrate the 5th night of Hanukkah. It was LIT.
  2. The time our students got to hear the personal stories of two holocaust survivors during Holocaust Education Week. Max Eisen and Sally Koffman showed our students what true perseverance is about.
  3. The time we got our hands dirty making Challah. On November 23rd, over 40 students joined together to celebrate the upcoming sabbath by baking Challah to share with their families at home and perform an act of kindness by donating some of the bread to families in need.
  4. The time we created a more welcoming space for Jewish LGBTQ students on campus with our first ever “Jew Gay?” social event.
  5. The time we brought our students an authentic Israel experience. Students joined our Israel Fellow every other Thursday for an engaging session about a side of Israel they would not have encountered previously.
  6. The time York students brought their energy and enthusiasm to the V!VA Retirement home with some Karaoke action through our Tikkun Together series.

We are very excited for what’s coming next semester. From self-care programming to Jewish learning and more social type events (shoutout for our bowling event from last semester). We are also looking forward to growing our presence at Glendon College and continuing to serve our students through new, innovative and relevant programming.