Meet The Hillel Waterloo Team

Marni Riese

Hillels Waterloo & Laurier



Hardly without my 3-legged pup, Rio, so if you’re a dog (or doughnut, cause I love those too!) person, reach out and we can meet up! Unpopular opinion: I’m more of a tea gal, but if you show me the best place to get coffee, I’ll jump on the bandwagon!



Jacob Brickman

Springboard Fellow,
Hillel Waterloo

So excited to be back at Hillel Waterloo Laurier for another year, let’s have a coffee conversation!


     Iced Espresso



Hillel Waterloo Executive

President: Jori Reiken

VP Communications and Media: Rachel Mamer

VP Finance and Operations: Greg Shaikevich

VP Social: Matt Reiner

VP of Israel Engagement: Jonah Spodek

Director of Social Awareness Campaigns: Alie Eisen


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